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In order to keep the home page clear of clutter as we add more sermons we will put the past posts here and the sermons will go on the sermon page.


We all have things that are keeping us from being the “perfect” examples of Christians we think we need to be. We often compare ourselves to the first Christians, the mega Christians, the ones who are or were doing the most good for the Kingdom. We think that because we aren’t making big leaps and bounds or seeing the immediate fruit we aren’t being the “perfect” Christians.

Here’s the thing though they weren’t “perfect” Christians, they fell short, they made mistakes, they sinned, they doubted the mission for the Kingdom. They didn’t always see the fruit of their efforts.  Even if you think someone isn’t struggling or that their walk with Christ is “perfect” it’s likely that they are maybe struggling with something that you aren’t seeing.

Main point? We as human people can never be “perfect” the only “perfect” human was not just human, He was God in a human skin. Yes we should strive everyday to be more like Him, yes we should try to be “perfect”; but when we fall short of that unreachable goal (and you will) don’t get discouraged with your walk; keep at it and remember the “Perfect” God who came to the world just to save all the unperfect Christians.

Romans 3:23 ” For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”


Lessons From Children’s Ministry

This week in Children’s Ministry we are learning about the Tower of Babel. That story always confused me, why would God want to punish people for trying to get closer to Him? While studying the lesson for Children’s Ministry a certain part of it finally made sense.

” God’s better plan: His plan not for people to reach up to Him; but His plan to reach down to people by sending His Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life we couldn’t live and die the death we don’t want to die.”  -the Gospel Project for Kids The Story Begins

Suddenly the Towel of Babel makes sense, God doesn’t want us to go big, and build giant things to make Him look better to everyone else. God wants us to glorify Him by having a relationship with His Son, our Salvation and joining Him and His angels in Heaven to celebrate forever.

What Tower of Babel do you have in your life that is possibly preventing you from glorifying God in the way that He wants us to?

Mine? I read to many books and don’t share enough of myself with those around me.

Have a wonderful Sunday!